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Henshaws Furnishers 1945 – 2015

Showroom 1970
Showroom 1970

The shop at 59 Stockwell Gate in Mansfield was opened in 1945 by my grandfather, Frederick Albert Henshaw, and was rented for £1 per week from a Mrs. Davenport who lived on Duke Street in Mansfield.

The premises consisted of a small double fronted shop on the ground floor with a rear exit onto Seniors Hill. There were two other people involved in the shop, Grandpa Green, William Green my great grandfather and Uncle Alf, Alfred Henshaw my grandfather’s brother.

Deliveries were made by George Orchard, the coal merchant, and Harvey Johnson was the driver.

The shop mainly sold chairs, bedding, cocoa matting, pegged rugs and linoleum. Carpets were not available until much later.

The main suppliers were Allen & Arberry Bedding, John Hadfield Floor Coverings, J S Smith Chairs, H W Smith Furniture, William Bartlett, Stag Cabinet and Saba.

Later on the shop sold televisions and radios along with Servis washing machines supplied by Needhams.

In 1950, my father Michael Henshaw joined the business aged 16.
Eventually the rear of the premises and cottages on Seniors Hill became available and my father went along with his father to Nottingham to purchase them. This happened in the Vernon Arms on the Forest in Nottingham for the price of £100 and created much needed space.

The business continued to grow and original premises were purchased along with Sandersons Tripe Shop next door for £6,000. To help customers the shop began of offer Hire Purchase and collectors went to pick up payments. This became the main way to purchase. Mr. Jepson, Mr. Taylor and Roy Orridge were our main agents.

During this time a number of large contracts were made with Van Dykes Hotel, Bestwood Lodge, the Baptist Church in Mansfield, The Rushley and a number of other public houses.

This growth in business allowed the rear showroom to be built around 1956. This would be one of many changes to the premises over the years. The two shops on Stockwell Gate were combined in 1971 giving a much better display area. Later, the rear showroom was reduced in size when the road was widened on Belvedere Street and access made on the existing service road.

More suppliers were used as the business grew including Jentique, L & H Upholstery, Sleepeeze, Wilton Royal, Carpet Trades, Alstons, Greensmiths, Woodward Grosvenor, Hugh Mackay, George Hensher, and Wm Lawerence, to name a few.

In 2003 I joined joined the business, initially on a part time basis working alongside my father, but taking over when he retired in 2010.

Suppliers may have changed over the years however, the business still holds the same values that it has had throughout its 70 year history in offering a personal service to all our customers. We have seen several generations of customers come to us and many have become family friends, and this is why we continue to grow.

Karon Henshaw