When thinking about buying a recliner there are several things to consider. 

Firstly our recliners come in four different sizes ensuring you have a perfect fit with your recliner.  

There is an optional feature for lumbar adjustment, which increases and reduces the level of lumbar support to enable the most comfortable position to be reached. This is available at an extra cost on all Sherborne recliners. 


Each chair has a single-use emergency battery back up – this allows one emergency operation of the chair returning it to the sitting position (batteries must be replaced after use).

Depending on whether you are left or right-handed, you are able to choose which side you want the side pocket to be on for your handset. 

There is a choice of single or dual motor. 

Single motor:
Using the sleek three button handset (with clip and backlight) allows you to raise the footrest before the back starts to recline.  It also enables you to reach the sleeping position (less reclined than with the dual-motor) from a starting point 20cm (8”) from the wall. The ‘intelligent’ third button then returns you to the sitting position. 

Dual motor:
with the five-button handset you can adjust the backrest and footrest independently to reach the exact position you feel most comfortable in.  This includes an excellent near-horizontal full sleeping position (needs a 38cm (15”) gap from the wall). Using the ‘intelligent’ fifth button you can easily return from any reclined or lifted angle to the standard sitting position. 

This handset also features a useful clip and backlight. 

There is a five-year guarantee to all rise and recliners with a user weight limit of up to 160 kg (25 stone). 

If you need any further information please don’t hesitate to email the shop with any questions.

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